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SenturianIte avatar SenturianIte
Level 25 : Expert Pokemon

That of Success.

Part of the ZENITH set.

So... another “Fortnite Imagination” Skin.

I really like this, I’ll break down the details.

Head: Hood with a full face mask.

Torso: Black coast with beige straps

Legs: Ice detail going down into the Boots with beige footing.

Arms: Left: open finger black glove with red lining. Ice detail. Right: beige glove with partial black. Ice detail.

If your wondering Acme means : the point at which someone or something is best, perfect, or most successful

Along with zenith witch means: the time at which something is most powerful or successful. (Which is a cannon skin)

You can come up with the story.

Do not steal and repost even with.

©Senturian 2018

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