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| Adoptables Read Desc ❤ | ~* Marma *~

| Adoptables Read Desc ❤ | ~* Marma *~ Minecraft Skin
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avatar Marma
Level 59 : Grandmaster Kitten
I'm putting up some adoptable ocs / outfit bases!

If you don't know what adoptables are, I'll quickly explain: Adoptables are where someone puts something up (a character, species, outfit, ect) and people can either purchase it or claim it for free depending on the person putting them up for adopt.

The limit is 2 per person.

Note: with the outfits, only the front and any back accessories are done. The rest you'll have to do yourself.
You can really do anything you want with them expect sell them on the marketplace or upload them on other sites that are not PMC.

Make sure to link or @ me on skins you use the outfit bases or if you re-shade the ocs (don't just re-upload the oc skins I shaded.) so I can see. (:

Adoptable OCs

Outfit bases (screenshots taken in skindex editor for better pictures)

Either comment or dm which one(s) you want and I'll dm you the file.
All of them are free incase that wasn't clear before.

Have a nice day. ❤
Format1.8+ Only 64x

06/13/2020 1:31 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Dragon
Why must they be so cute ;-; I can't even come up with cute ideas like that
06/13/2020 3:07 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Kitten
Inspiration, honestly. It helps to look at other skins. A lot of these skins I did in 1 go so I was heccin inspired, aha.

but tysm you're so sweet. <33
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