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| Ain't Youth Mean to be Beautiful? | ~* Marma *~ OC

| Ain't Youth Mean to be Beautiful? | ~* Marma *~ OC Minecraft Skin
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Another album oc! :DD

This makes 9/14. We're getting close to the end.

This one is off of: Marina and the Diamond - Teen Idle

Also I didn't plan on this skin becoming patriotic, I just really love reds and blues like this and well that's how it ended up. So please note the design of this barley has anything to do with the subject besides Hollywood. It was purely for design purposes.

This also might be sensitive to fair warning, but this girl would do anything for fame. While she is a character of mine, I also want to take a moment to put a few video links to some hollywood icon documentaries. They're a lot shorter than you think.

I've been learning a lot more about hollywood, and since I have a large amount of people following me now, I would like to use my voice to spread awareness around.

A lot of people, girls, boys, undecided and inbetween, are constantly taken advantage and have to perform nasty favors for 2 seconds in a b-list movie. It isn't fair and it's dehumanizing. I hope one day that goes away and people will focus on their skills rather than what extent they're willing to go for. Anyways, it's your choice if you want to watch the videos, these people's stories are well known but it's still good to spread them especially to prove a point.


I apologize if all of this is strange coming from me. I usually try to keep my page happy and a place you can escape to. But all that went on then, now, and potentially in the future disturbs me to a great amount and I want others to see it more than they already do, aswell.

But as usual, enjoy the skin! <3

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