Altima - The Alternate Authority (Boss Battle Contest)(Custom Story)(1.8+)(26th Place) Minecraft Skin

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Altima - The Alternate Authority (Boss Battle Contest)(Custom Story)(1.8+)(26th Place)

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Art Dei Tech avatar Art Dei Tech
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Altima - The Alternate Authority

Hello all! Welcome to my fifth PMC skin contest entry with the theme "Boss Battle". This is an original deity set in the parallel universe of Steve's. This is my first two-sided skin as well, for a boss fight should be more challenging. In Minecraft, this battle wouldn't be possible without mods or thorough command block work, as it involves a changing arena, time limit and health regeneration. Included details of the boss' weaknesses and battle strategies in the spoilers below, with a story and two (for a first) jukebox music sets! The story is a direct sequel to the Genesis Turtle Project and in slight relation to the Babil Project (the seeds).

    In terms of shading, it's slightly rusty and quite sudden in colour scheme; I may need to tweak that soon. I am planning to add a version of this skin with the red half in front rather than the blue. 
EDIT 1: Added the Description and Battle Strategy!

Jukebox Music
The Promise - Start from the story!

Preliator - Straight into action!

Serpent Eating the Ground - Suggested Battle music by Okuu Rayoojee

Background Story
It was Steve's first attempt to depart from the Genesis Turtle. He built a Nether Portal to escape the tempting paradise, hoping to reach back to his ship. If he had asked the turtle itself to take him across space, he couldn't know the location of his home planet, for it was all stored in the vehicle. He gathered several food items, seeds (ones probably handed to him by Matre himself) and resources for his arsenal. Behind him, something moved. In the darkness of the mesa cavern, he could hear glass shifting, heavy sweeping on the floor, and a small moan. He turned around to see the glass dome lifting up, exposing four mucous limbs and a fragile, textured head. Above the glass, inscriptions materialised in the air. They spoke to Steve as he observed them floating like fireflies. "I entrust my son to you," said the mother, "Teach him the ways of life that he may embrace inside his young shell. Teach him to love and to travel as quick as time."

He immediately realised this chamber was a rough, well lit womb for the baby that crawled towards him. It moaned out in acceptance, as if imprinting Steve as its own guardian. Calmly, it stroked his side with its smooth greasy head. Steve rested his hand on it and guided it towards the portal. A message of farewell and gratitude appeared once more to his vision before fading into the light of the rift.

As they walked through, a sudden feeling of distortion in space caused the two to shiver. Beyond the portal lied a warm, empty space in contrast to the hellish land of that on a planet. The distances were shrouded in maroon-red fog where hardly any stars shown light. Steve and the turtle were suddenly pulled towards the abyss below, and they tumbled forward. Falling through the space, they could feel time passing quickly as Steve grasped the front of the son's shell. The mist that they travelled through appeared in lines. They couldn't register a fixed glance at the spaces they crossed.

The lines drifted apart, and the darkness of the abyss was very clear - pitch black. It seemed they had departed from the Nether this way, but didn't know what lied ahead. Was this a new dimension? Could there be anything inside that abyss? Suddenly, Steve sensed malicious intent beyond, growing stronger as the void began engulfing them. Is there something waiting for us?

For a split-second, Steve saw a vision of himself and the turtle hurtling towards them, but to no collision. Had they passed through like ghosts, or images of a mirror? He looked back at them vanishing back into the nether above. However, as he faced forward, the Nether space came to greet them again.

This region was the same as before, but reversed in position. However, the only other difference Steve had felt was still this sense of anger, hatred and weakness. The turtle moaned out in reaction. It shivered and writhed in fear of this strange force. Time travelled very slowly now, and the two reached the entrance of the same portal they had just left from. Confused and afraid, Steve chose to go forward, expecting another version of his universe but mirrored.

Beyond the portal, the universe looked like the wastelends of the Nether itself.

From the ruins of the cavern, he observed the shattered glass dome of the Genesis Turtle, the sky coloured like a mix of blood red and ocean blue, the trees and plants withered away and skeleton remains everywhere. Above the dome where placements of wandering asteroids and remnants of planets and stars that glide morosely. Everywhere he heard cries of pain and grief non-stop, even echoing from the ground that he stood on. An alternate universe that mirrored his would not have been this ravaged. Ahead of the crying stars, he caught a glimpse of a being that appeared to sit on a throne of galaxies.

The Authority was ambivalent, two-headed and balanced between peace and power. Beside its body laid four large totems that glowed in reverence. They had special, iridescent colours for the mask each wore. They were paired in two, connected to half of the main body. Again, a vision of the inscription appeared, moaning out "Destroy Altima..."

Steve unsheathed his diamond sword and comforted the young turtle. "Destroy Altima..." the message reiterated until Steve requested how, the letters immediately switched and grew into words, "The Author of Peace controls time and life," it paused to reform the letters, "The Author of Power controls matter and death." The deity above turned a swift glance to Steve, and the air suddenly transitioned into adrenaline. "Restore this universe, and you will restore the life mirrored on your own."

He began the greatest battle of his life alongside his own Genesis turtle against Altima, the Authoriy who transformed the universe against him.
Description and Strategy (Technical Stuff.)
Altima comes in two forms - the Author of Peace (blue) and the Author of Power (red).
The Author of Peace possesses the totems of Time and Life.
The Author of Power possesses the totems of Matter and Death.

hps - Hearts per second
hpm - Hearts per minute
hpk - Hearts per kill

- Both Authors are active!
- No explosions that reach the Genesis Turtle (it is harmed)
- Plants and trees grown inside the Turtle do not damage the Life Totem, only outside.
- No trees or animals spawned in the area, only those that you grow.
Resources you have
Steve has travelled with a young Genesis Turtle who is able to travel through time.
- Travelling the Turtle will take 1 minute each before a new area is spawned. Cannot be ridden again until after 1 minute.
- Travelling indefinitely if a new area cannot be spawned. Altima continuously slowed
Steve has brought along some golden apples and steak. The Genesis turtle may cultivate crops within.
He possesses enough diamond for two pieces of armour and two swords. Unlimited supply of stone, coal and iron.
He is equipped with an enchanted bow (no infinity).
He has several seeds that can be planted anywhere and sprouted quickly.
Unlimited wood, feather and flint supply (if you manage to plant enough trees and breed chickens.)
Unlimited gunpowder for powerful demolitions outside the Turtle.
Bonemeal from killing skeletons and zombies.
The Author of Peace
Chaos is key.

Overall has 1400 health points (700 hearts) and no form of attack. Serves as a passive buffer for Altima.
Takes 1 minute to revive a totem.
Takes damage from reviving a totem (100 health points/50 hearts).
Takes damage from any explosion (5 health/2.5 hearts per explosion)
Takes damage from explosive kills (10 health points/5 hpk by explosion)
If less than 25% of health, doubles speed (except regeneration and revival) of totem activity.

The Time Totem (Purple)- 100 health points (50 hearts)
Accelerates time to weaken Steve continuously if not in contact with the Genesis Turtle. Can be reversed to slow all enemy buffs and Altima itself by flying the turtle. No activity when Steve is inside turtle stationary.
Takes damage overtime (1 health points/0.5 hps) if reversed. 

The Life Totem (Green)- 100 health points (50 hearts)
Grants regenerative buff (10 health points/5 hearts per 30 seconds, per minute if slowed) for entire Altima, including totems and itself.
Spawns skeletons and zombies in region near Steve (Ranging from 2 to 5 skeletons per minute, per 2 minutes if slowed) Can spawn on Genesis Turtle if Matter Totem is still standing.

Takes damage from a kill by Steve (5 health/2.5 hpk)(10 health/5 hpk by explosion)
Takes damage by degeneration from plants and trees grown (0.5 health/0.25 hps per full crop,2 health/1 hps per full tree, 5 health/2.5 hps per large tree)
Relies on the Matter Totem to replenish life, otherwise is inactive besides regeneration.
Takes damage if unable to spawn monsters after 2 minutes (2 health/1 hps)
The Author of Power
Patience is key.

Overall has 800 health points (400 hearts).
Attacks by spawning lightning strike (passes through blocks)(1 strike per minute, two minutes if slowed)(4 second sound warning), dealing 8 health points/4 hearts to Steve. 
Takes damage overtime if no action from Steve after 30 seconds (besides moving)(0.5 health/0.25 hps)
Takes 1 minute to revive a totem.
Takes damage from reviving totems (50 health points/25 hearts)
If less than 25% health, lightning strikes increase to 2 strikes per minute, two minutes if slowed. Warning time reduced to 2.5 seconds. Boss spawn time reduced to every 10 minutes.

The Matter Totem (Brown)- 50 health points/25 hearts
Spawns random new area every 5 minutes, destroying any previously placed blocks, planted crops and trees. Can range from all biomes except forest, jungle and taiga forest. No animals spawned.
Destroys area and spawns new one every time Steve travels in the Turtle.
Teleports Steve away from an area if he dies.
Takes damage from destruction of blocks on area (0.25 health/0.125 hearts per block destroyed)
When defeated, immediately teleports Steve to the turtle, destroying the area and unable to spawn more.

The Death Totem (Gray)- 50 health points/25 hearts
Can deny kills by degenerating skeletons and zombies if less than 50% health (2 health points/1 hps, per two seconds if slowed) No damage done to the Life totem and the Author of Peace if denied a kill.
Summons random boss monsters every 15 minutes (50 health/25 hearts each)(Ender dragon flying close to ground, Wither, Zombie Giant, Elder Guardian) Can spawn on top of Genesis Turtle. Does not degenerate.
Takes damage from boss kill (20 health points/10 hearts per boss kill). Does not damage Life Totem.
Seems pretty easy... right?
Bonus Content (Coming Soon)
Hidden content here! Easter eggs ftw.
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CreditKnobleKnives - inspiration from Ambivalence

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08/26/2019 10:16 am
Level 1 : New Miner
sir_noonilot avatar
dang, this is amazing. He kinda looks like if he were to be a god of something, he would be the god of chaos I think! Good job!
12/25/2018 4:20 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Crafter
Diamant_303 avatar
Nice skin! I like it :D

12/26/2018 1:57 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Grump
Art Dei Tech
Art Dei Tech avatar
Ty :D
03/27/2017 9:00 am
Level 1 : New Miner
EnderWolfX72 avatar
03/27/2017 10:27 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Grump
Art Dei Tech
Art Dei Tech avatar
10/07/2015 3:04 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Mage
tcreepergaming avatar
Just amazing!
09/24/2015 3:55 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Explorer
RenegadeRad avatar
This is one of the best skins I have seen till now, how the heck this is not in the 1st Place! Cmon man, you are worth it. (also if you wanted a render you should have contacted me dummy)
09/24/2015 8:37 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Grump
Art Dei Tech
Art Dei Tech avatar
Nah, it's alright, didn't know you actually did renders until now xP
08/19/2015 8:51 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Sus
Jewelman avatar
Great skin...

Try taking off the hat layers!
08/13/2015 9:31 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Dragonborn
cherrispice avatar
when I first saw this...all I could think and saw was...
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