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Andrew Yang: Our Next President

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Welcome to the 21st century with its 21st century problems. Automation is here for our jobs, and Andrew Yang has a vision to solve that very problem.

  Although his policy of UBI has many socialist critiques, he is what America needs! Despite being a winner in capitalism, he has not turned his back on those who lost and the workers who helped people like him climb. He is bring class conciousness to the blue collar workers of America, and his pragmatic approach away from the emotions of identity politics have the immense power to draw in many different groups of thinkers.

  Like Bernie? Andrew Yang supports Medicare for all! But Yang has something Bernie doesn't. He has the movement of workers behind him, while the success of Bernie lies in the activism of well-off college students. Yang is bringing the class consciousness that no other candidate is!

  Register as a Democrat and vote for Yang in the primaries! If you get a phone call from a pollster, say you're behind Yang 100% even if you're not; we need the numbers in order to bring Yang to the debate stage in the fall to debate the actually important ideas.

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08/11/2019 6:59 pm
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