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[androιd] ; v.вeтa._0.624;

[androιd] ; v.вeтa._0.624; Minecraft Skin

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avatar Izunechi
Level 46 : Master uwu
Character what you can see here is Android created by really known company named: ''A-OF'' (android - over future)
They' re creating many different models, like you can see there she is the ''Beta'' model.
Pretty old, right?

She was really known because of her amazing voice.
Her name was: Ira
First android what become a real STAR!

But now... she... is like a trash... that's what people said about her....
They don't care... They don't... know... that... ..... she ~ALIVE~
She want's to be loved...... have friends but....It can't happend....she's trying to not give up....
But as...''monster''.. It can't just happend...

''I-I.. just...want...be..a real human...''

The blue pieces what you see on skin is just her skin because the program have some problems with colors.
She's wearing fake hair to hide her processor (back head) also she have old headphones.
She's wearing what she find in the trash but for her is like gold.
And.. at the end I can't forget about how she's fighting for life, that's why she's in bloody slime.

They're still some people that attacking her...and there are some how can help...

''thank You!~''
Format1.8+ Only 64x
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