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Blood Angel Pre-Heresy Skin

Blood Angel Pre-Heresy Skin Minecraft Skin
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Level 48 : Master Vampire
The Blood Angels. The 9th Legion. The Emperor's Purest. The Blood Angels are the blessed chapter. Their Primarch, Sanguinius is a noble warrior, with great, angelic wings. They fight with a rage unknown to other Legions. Controlled unlike the World Eaters, but with more gusto than the Emperor's Children. Their rage, however, is their curse. Within them lie two entities. The Red Thirst and the Black Rage. The Red Thirst is natural coming to a warrior of the Blood Angels. They always sucumb to it during combat. The other, the Black Rage, is the real curse. When a Blood Angel falls to the Black Rage, he loses all awareness and all he knows is to kill. He forgets who he was, who he is, and who he would be. He becomes something else entirely and all that face him a ripped apart with bare hands. They are a pure chapter and have golden hair like their primarch and piercing blue eyes.

Blood Angels page on the Lexicanum wiki

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CreditSanguinius, Emperor of Mankind
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