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Level 38 : Artisan Scribe
~ bts

I want something stronger (I want it)
Than a moment, than a moment, love
I have waited longer
For a boy with, for a boy with luv''

where do i get these songs? genshin playlists
part v of my five-part series on light: candlelight

accompanying piece - light v: candlelight (tw// panic attack)
a/n: in case you didn't see, there's a tw over a panic attack (specifically a mix of claustrophobia + nyctophobia). i, uh, write from having seen other fics with panic attacks, i have never had one myself (maybe once, but that's it). if you are prone to these things, please read with caution or don't read at all. your health is more important than my trashy writing!!
on another note, all five writings have been on the same google doc (without page breaks), and i ended at almost perfectly 11 pages- i was two enters away from the bottom :D

Light V: Candlelight

“The storm looks pretty bad out there.”

“Yeah. And I would hate for the power to go out while we’re playing.”

The golden glow flickered, blinking in and out of existence. The second voice cursed himself while the other very quickly saved.

Two seconds later, the power went out.

Yugi cursed again, this time at the power, and Atem rolled his eyes. His boyfriend could be so melodramatic when it came to jinxing things; but in his defense, they went through quite a number of times where they jinxed themselves on their adventures, so it made sense for Yugi to hate them now.

Standing up off the couch, Atem asked if there were any candles. When he could feel the skepticism radiating off of Yugi, he explained that it was his intention to light up the house again; to get rid of the darkness that felt like it was starting to suffocate Atem, to pull him down and lock him away again and force him into a never ending cycle of misery and pain-

“-tem? Atem! Hey! Snap out of it!”

Atem flinched, blinking rapidly when Yugi’s voice cut through the darkness. His hands were on his shoulders, shaking him. His hands stopped shaking the former Pharaoh’s shoulders, and went to wipe away the sudden tears pouring down his cheeks.

“Hey… are you okay?”

“Y-yeah… yeah, I-I think so.”

Yugi hummed, uncertain of Atem’s answer, but gently grasped his hand, afraid of startling Atem again, like a deer in the nonexistent headlights. For Atem needed the headlights in order to stay away from the panic that was still rooted deep within his being; even time in the permanently-peaceful Afterlife hadn’t stopped Atem from almost suffocating from the fear.

Atem curled his hand, slowly and carefully, into Yugi’s. He smiled, and gently led Atem into the kitchen. Kneeling down and tugging Atem down, he took Atem’s other wrist in his other hand. He placed it on the cabinet door, and Atem got the memo.

Pulling it open, he hesitated to search within, but a squeeze from Yugi’s other hand encouraged him to keep moving forward. His hand landed on a plastic basket, and he gripped it and dragged it out of its dark hole. Atem shook off the incoming paranoia, shoving back down and focusing on the warmth wrapped around his hand.

Atem fumbled with the plastic object, before sliding a switch under its base. The soft orange glow illuminated the plastic flame, and he murmured, “Found them.”

He held the candle up to Yugi’s soft smile, his wondrous amethyst orbs proudly displaying his pride over Atem fighting his fears. He hugged Atem, which he gladly leaned into as his heart did flips. The two sat there in the single electric candle’s weak glow, as Atem basked in his light’s safe warmth. In the boy that rescued him and brought so much into his life, to the point where he Atem couldn’t live with being dead.

“If only my mind could shut up and realize that I’ll never go back down to the darkness with him, too.” “We should spread the rest of these around the house so we don’t trip on anything.”

Yugi’s laugh brightened Atem’s life as he agreed. The two pulled away, and set to turning on the rest of the plastic candles, one small - and slightly stubborn - black switch at a time. Some of them didn’t illuminate at all, but Yugi pulled out some fresh batteries from within the same cabinet and forced them to glow. Once all the candles had been lit, Atem suggested that they divide the placement of candles between them.

Yugi agreed, and after grabbing a bowl from the upper cabinets he dumped half of the candles into it and disappeared off somewhere. Atem placed his half back into the basket and stood up, going around their apartment and placing the candles in various places. The candles never flickered in their light, never threatened to plunge the place into darkness again. Atem smiled, placing two candles on their tv stand and another on the side table next to their couch.

“Hey Atem, c’mere!”

Atem perked up at Yugi’s voice, and placed candles on the final unilluminated kitchen counter-bar and on the floor below him, like an airport runway guiding its planes down to the ground. Atem placed his now-empty basket outside their door, absently-mindedly noting the candled bathroom, and smiled brightly at what he saw.

Sitting in the middle of a candle heart was his boyfriend. The room was quite successfully illuminated thanks to his efforts, and he was grinned up at Atem.

“Hi there.”

“Looks like I’ve caught myself a little aibou.”

Atem sat down in front of Yugi, sitting within the boundaries of their heart. Yugi wrapped his arms around Atem’s neck, scooching himself closer as his smile never faded. He brought himself so close that their noses bumped into each other. Yugi wrinkled his at Atem’s cold one, forcing a laugh out of the former Pharaoh.

“Having fun, aibou?”

“Lots, now that you’re here in my embrace~”

Atem chuckled, then met Yugi halfway to close the gap between them, sharing a safe and bright moment.

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