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Breast Cancer Neon Creeper

Breast Cancer Neon Creeper Minecraft Skin
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avatar Sn34kyNinj4
Level 30 : Artisan Ninja
While I was doing nothing today, I thought about my female friends and how painful it would be for them to get breast cancer (I was thinking about this because of a breast cancer commercial), and so I decided to do a skin dedicated to all those people who have had to deal with breast cancer. It's based off of my previous Neon Creeper skin (because I love neon colors), but instead of green I substituted pink for breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Ribbon is also on the back. I previously had the creeper with a normal face, but it didn't fit the mood I was trying to set. So I flipped the mouth around like I've seen many others do so before. Enjoy.

Click [url=http://www.thebreastcancersite.com/clickToGive/home.faces?siteId=2]here[/url] and click the pink button on the site. The sponsors of the site pay for the mammograms that many woman need. Also, any money you buy merchandise with will go to the cause. Thanks you for your time.
CreditOriginal Smiling Creeper Creater
FormatUniversal 64x32

10/20/2011 4:22 pm
Level 46 : Master Pixel Puncher
love it! I will wear this all month for breast cancer awareness! :)
11/18/2011 6:20 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Ninja
Thank you. It means a lot. :)
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