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Breezy February~

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Spy_Payazz avatar Spy_Payazz
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What a wonderful time for Valentines day, right after new years, once everybody has settles down a bit, we move into a slightly chilly month full of love and harmony~ You get the jiff: It's a breezy day, Valentines is near, why not take a nice stroll?

I really appreciate all the support I've been getting recently, so I really want to try my best concerning skins and whatnot. This CAN count as a part of the pastel series because, well, look at it lol. Anyway, other than that, here's ur skin peeps!

This skin is allowed to be used in game play and for online use, however you WILL get plagiarized if you don't credit me!

  • Copyright © 2021 by Spy_Payazz
CreditAlderleaf get's some of da credit because she "Let me borrow" an idea which was to make skins based off of images so thx for that.
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