British Expeditionary Force (and other WW2 British skins) Minecraft Skin
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British Expeditionary Force (and other WW2 British skins)

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Level 47 : Master Artist
The British Expeditionary Force (BEF) was the name of the early World War 2 British Army that fought Western Europe, who fought in the Phoney War and then against the wrath of the German Wehrmacht in the Blitzkreig that led to the evacuation of Dunkirk. The miracle at Dunkirk ensured that most of the BEF was able to make it back to Britain and take the fight to German on other fronts across the world. While they're efforts in early war are greatly overshadowed by the later war, these men laid down their lives for their comrades and country which is something we should never forget.
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Troops from the 1st Border Regiment at Rumegies cleaning a Boys anti-tank regiment and a Bren gun, 29 February 1940.
British Expeditionary Force (and other WW2 British skins) Minecraft Skin
British soldiers on the beaches of Dunkirk, firing at enemy bomber aircraft, May 1940
British Expeditionary Force (and other WW2 British skins) Minecraft Skin
British troops wading through the sea towards a rescue boat at Dunkirk.
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British Commando: A daring new breed of soldier, these brave men would be a part of what would now be considered special forces.

BEF Gas Mask: With the Great War still in the minds of most people in the world, many feared the return of gas as a weapon on the battlefields of Europe, while gas as a weapon never saw use during the war, most soldiers were issued a gas mask in the event a gas attack was to occur.

BEF Officer: An Officer is a soldier within a branch of the military whose job it is to lead a platoon of soldiers into battle. Many British Officers during the World Wars came from traditionally aristocratic and wealthy backgrounds as their fathers before them had done in past wars.

Hello all, back from the dead after...a while. I have no idea whether or not I will be making a comeback but I felt I wanted to make a skin for old times sake since I've noticed a severe lack in World War 2 skins. Have fun

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Update #2 : by Gooders009 05/11/2019 1:10:00 pmMay 11th, 2019

Improved base BEF soldier, added backpack to the webbing and improved the brodie helmet. Will update other variants of the skin

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07/17/2018 7:05 pm
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But u are pretty late tbh...
07/17/2018 7:41 pm
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Better late than never ;)
07/17/2018 7:04 pm
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Nice job!

You have the best military skins
07/17/2018 5:57 pm
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