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Byakuren Hijiri

Byakuren Hijiri Minecraft Skin
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avatar CheeseManFuu
Level 42 : Master Fox
Just a skin of my favorite Touhou character, Byakuren Hijiri. Now stay away from my waifu, or I swear...

Well Cheese, what's Touhou?
It is a Japanese Bullet-Hell game made for the PC long ago (1996) when the Internet was merely a new mail system (and is still being worked on to this day!), created single-handedly by ZUN, whom welcomes pretty much all fan-work of his games. The game still remains the most popular Bullet-Hell. The game has amazing music, and even better fan-creations, from simple covers with different instruments to full-on lyrical arrangements.

If you really are interested in Touhou, there are places to look it up.
...Just be careful where you look. It has a big fan base.

This skin above is created specifically for the "Alex 'thin' model," and two different versions for different compatibility are linked below:

Standard Model

Prior-Release-1.8 Compatible Model

Don't consider this my return to Planet Minecraft. Figured I'd upload my first creation in like 2 years.
CreditZUN - Touhou creator. Great guy.
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