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Cancer [Remade]

Cancer [Remade] Minecraft Skin
avatar Nudle
Level 45 : Master Ladybug
Hello again! It has certainly been a long while!

I know I'm real late to the bandwagon, but MCR's reunions were one of the best news I could've received back in 2019! So amazing that it occurred!

Now- we're facing one of the world pandemics of the modern era and I really hope you're all staying safe!!

I haven't actually been on a skin break, more for PMC. Since I've last posted, I've been making tons of requests for others within my new server community (peep if you know which one!) Which made me adopt a new style of shading! I decided to try to remake this girl in that style, she was one of my favourite casual girls (despite both bands being far from it)

You might see more of my originals being re-made in that style! It's really fun to adapt and experiment and I do hope you enjoy it!!

CreditTo my community, for the inspiration for this shading. I did try make this 100% authentic as best I could- but there is always imitation to the artform sadly
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