Captain Seighter - Skeleton Pirate [Underwater Skin Contest] Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Under the Sea Minecraft Skin Contest.

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Captain Seighter - Skeleton Pirate [Underwater Skin Contest]

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P.s. Don't the pirate need a lot of treasure for himself? You can support this contest skin by giving him the diamond. xD

The backstory of Captain Seighter:
Captain Seighter or Ezterno Seighter is a famous pirate of the South Minecrafitic sea. He was the captain of the Chunky Battle ship and the leader of the Chunky Doom pirate group. He won a lot of sea battles and used to defeat a lot of other battle ships from the Minecrafitic Navy.
One day, he was killed by the Grand TNT cannon of Royal Navy in the South Minecrafitic sea war. He lost his arms, and his skull was broken. The Chunky Doom pirate group was defeated a year later. 50 years later -- since the great pirate group was defeated -- Captain Seighter, the ghost, had been traveling around searching for his body. Finally, he found his body, it was lying on the sand near the corals. There were a lot of colourful anemones and many types of fish around his body. He was interested in some animals on his body(his body is now a skeleton) then he said...
"These moray eels will be my arms and my weapons. That greeny anemone in my skull will such as an awesome fashion hair for me. Uhmm... a clownfish is dancing in that anemone, not bad." Then he took control his body and those animals.

What is he doing now?
He is gathering his crews and underwater people to make a pirate group for defeating anybody who dare him(He is walking on the seafloor).

The concept of Captain Seighter skin:

This skin symbolizes of many underwater things in the sea like sea animals, the scary of death, thecolorfulof sea, pirate skeleton and undead people. It was really hard to mixed those concepts on humanoid skin because these things might be messed up if I place them on wrong place. Now it turned out good.

Shading techniques on this skin:
Main shading techniques are about realistic shading and old-texture shading.

The details of Captain Seighter skin pictures (Must look for better understanding)
CreditThanks to Conquer, devil_in_person and Timos153 for helping me about word proofing of some stuffs. :)

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Update #1 : by wldscarlet 07/21/2012 1:23:55 amJul 21st, 2012

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05/09/2021 6:26 amhistory
Level 18 : Journeyman Taco
Mr_Napalm avatar
There's a skin that's basically just Seighter with no arms or head
Maybe you should comment there?
05/10/2021 6:11 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Taco
Mr_Napalm avatar
Nevermind, the skin's been deleted or something
12/16/2020 10:39 am
Level 29 : Expert Sus
coggnizantdeath avatar
would i be able to use this for my own skin? i would give you lots of credit..
12/23/2020 2:09 am
Level 76 : Legendary Sweetheart
wldscarlet avatar
Sure thing. :)
09/10/2017 2:41 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
kidcore-vampire avatar
Awesome skin!
01/25/2017 8:05 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Rava avatar
i don't get it... isn't this one of the pirate's skins from mianite season 1?
08/14/2016 3:45 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Fias_Ko avatar
Good skin I love it !
08/14/2016 10:40 am
Level 76 : Legendary Sweetheart
wldscarlet avatar
Thank you! c:
02/23/2016 11:00 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Hunter
The World
The World avatar
The blood-colored coat is a nice touch. If only he had brown pants...
02/11/2015 5:42 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
TheSunkenGolems avatar
Is there green Version of his coat beacuse i watched the diamond minecarfft and there was so if you could make a green version of his coat somehow tell me cause i would love to use as a skin if it green but i still use the skin
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