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Captain Skelly - Life On the High Seas! [Story in Description]

Captain Skelly - Life On the High Seas! [Story in Description] Minecraft Skin

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avatar xMacker
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
Captian Skelly

Captain Skelly was sailing through the mighty sea's of "DeadMans Sea" when he stumbled upon a beautiful Island, but was it really beautiful? Under the grounds of the Island, known as "Mysterious Island", was a secret unknown to all, but one. As the boat docked upon the Island, birds fled from the high palm trees, and the ground shuck repeatedly.

Captian Skelly came upon a deep, dark mine and 1 by 1, his feet stepped upon the cold, rocky stones of the mine. He walk further and deeper into the mine, until suddenly, the huge rocks from the roof stumbled to the ground with a mighty band and shake. He was trapped, No water, no food, no light. He reached into his pockets and brought out his ligher, and a little stick he had found on the beach, And began trying to light the stick. He walked further into the mine, and noticed Skulls and bones of dead miners and explorers, scattered everywhere. 

2 Years Later:

Captian Skelly was still trapped in the mine, and had been eating from his own flesh of his body, and drank dirty water he found throughout the mine. He was in there for soo long, his face started rotting away, and left his skull, and thats how he got the name "Captian Skelly". The End!

Format1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
ModelSteve (4 pixel arms)

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