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AnomalousEntity avatar AnomalousEntity
Level 35 : Artisan Skinner
In 1924, the SCP Foundation formed a covert task force known by the codename "Insurgency". Their operations were kept completely secret, as so were the identities of all the operatives. To the rest of the Foundation, they were a rogue splinter group, but actually they were created by the O5 Council to carry out missions outside the Foundation that were ethically unquestionable and politically unsavory. For 24 years they operated under the guise of being a splinter group whilst doing the O5 Council's dirty work. Then, suddenly, in 1948, they took a large number of anomalous objects and research personnel and left the Foundation (for real this time) become a GoI (group of interest).
They now call themselves the Chaos Insurgency and have expanded themselves across the world, they pose a significant threat to
the SCP Foundation. Part of what makes them such a great threat is that their goals and endgame are completely unknown and they use SCPs as weapons.

Modern day Chaos Insurgency operative as a skin, enjoy!

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