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charisma - SO 4th round entry

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habearry avatar habearry
Level 32 : Artisan Bear
Don't steal/repost/edit/filter/recolor/use my skin in any way without 1) getting my written permission, and 2) crediting me. For this particular skin, you must credit wqtermxlon as well because half of the skin is their design.

Desc from Skindex (slightly altered):
Hi! This is my entry to Skinmakers' (or Skindex) Olympics's 4th comp! ([​color=#8e44ad][​/color])

The right side (as in your right, not the skin's right side) is wqtermxlon's skin, and the other side is what I chose to represent myself with. (That might actually become my persona!)

I got their permission and chose to remake this skin of theirs:

wqtermxlon's profile: [​color=#8e44ad][​/color]
(Or, press this: wqtermxlon)

Team: Rose
Division: Jupiter

I won't be tagging this with what we're meant to tag the Skinmakers' Olympics entry skins with because, on the signup form, I said that I'll be entering with my Skindex account, so I will only be using the Skinmakers' Olympics entry tags on the Skindex entry skins. :)

I chose wqtermxlon for this because my style is heavily inspired by their style.

(Of course, my style, as you all know, is still different because I don't want to copy wqtermxlon and I want my style to be unique, as well as theirs)

Also, they're a very nice person to hang out with <3

I used how I choose to draw myself sometimes as a guide for what to do for the side that's meant to represent me. I hope you like it! :)

By the way, sorry if you get quite a few notifications saying "habearry has mentioned you in their skin", Melon, haha
CreditSkinmakers' Olympics's 4th comp: -- @Wqtermxlon for the original design ( or

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