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Chef Saltbaker: Cuphead DLC

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I've been a fan of the cuphead franchise for a long time now and I've fallen in love with the game play, the art style, the show, and especially the DLC!

So when I heard it had finally come out, I was quick to like like just as much! Especially the man himself, Chef Saltbaker! I would say out of all of them, he is my favorite character because [​SPOILERS] of his villainous plot twist as a final boss! I truly thought it added the salt to the delicious last course and made it worth it to me! And yes I did just make a salt pun!🧂🧂🧂🧂

Design wise, going through the many designs he could have had, I have to say his final design was perfect for him! A living sentient salt shaker who likes to bake sweets at a bakery! Creative and clever! Am I the only one who likes his creepy smile during his boss fight? No? Just me?

Sorry, I just can't express how much I like his entire character! Not to mention how many people were shocked with his reveal!

It was rather hard to get the skin to match his overall big body shape, so most of it is just the same thing without the armour coverings, in the end I think it turned out okay!

Enjoy chef saltbaker! Cheers to the developers for such a great DLC!

(I just realized DLC stands for Delicious last course! Clever!)

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