Chikn Nuggit: Fwench Fwy Minecraft Skin
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Chikn Nuggit: Fwench Fwy

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llPettyCandlesll's Avatar llPettyCandlesll
Level 59 : Grandmaster Artist
Back at it again with another Chikn Nuggit skin! As promised, here is fwench fwy! 🐉🍟

Much like I said before with Iscream, I love the relationship the two of them have! I always love a little chaos from Iscream, but even more so when it comes to Fwench fwy! They remind me of those characters that appear innocent but they can go crazy at any time! I also love their true wish dragon form! Its huge, majestic, and adorable in every way!

Enjoy this lovable and powerful wish dragon!

[​WARNING! Do not steal, recolor, or repost my work!]

[​All characters belong to Chikn Nuggit]

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02/12/2023 4:21 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Miner
EgoZA_Video's Avatar
o my gooood, it's so awesome!!!