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Ꮬ Clea Minecraft Skin
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avatar Zodus
Level 37 : Artisan Architect
Clea isn’t the loudest person you’ll meet.

She usually keeps to herself.

Her neighbors - especially the ones who don’t know her name - often refer to her as ‘that witch, goth, lady over there.”

It’s less to do with the fact that she can do magic, and more the fact that she just seems like someone who could be described as such.

And the fact that she can do magic doesn’t help.

Magic is in fact a thing that exists in Ethos, it's more often seen in Binaros, but isn’t unheard of in Azkai.

It’s not, witch magic, there aren’t any bubbling cauldrons or potions. It’s more like it’s own, unique type of magic.

No one really knows how or why it works, it just does.

There are numerous rules and such that apply to magic users.

For example, one must acquire a permit which allows them to preform magic legally.

There are also limitations to what someone can do.

One can’t just, level an entire block if they wish, or affect someone’s physical health.

Such crimes can result in a decently long prison sentence. And depending of the motive and outcome, possible grounds for execution.

However, if the accused can provide evidence of a non-malicious motive such as heroism or fear, they can make off with a simple fine.

Clea works as an enforcer - basically Azkai’s police force. And sometimes works in demolition. Usually alongside her brother, Travis.

Format1.8+ Only 64x
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