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| Coco Powder | ~* Marma *~

| Coco Powder | ~* Marma *~ Minecraft Skin
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avatar Marma
Level 59 : Grandmaster Kitten
reshade contest entry for LilyBlossom6 <33
I hope I didn't change too much. this was the perfect base for people to ad their own touch to it.

list of what I added:

braid, slightly longer hair.

made the pants/thing high risen & jeans
made the shirt a t-shirt w/ moon & stars
added some fishnet to arms & legs
and finally, gave the poor hobo some shoes.

hope it's good <33

I have a goal of reaching 500 uploads by the end of February. Which means I have to make 100.
Current skin count 63/100
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Format1.8+ Only 64x
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