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[Not for Contest] [Custom Skin/Story] - The Azuli Prince (3/5 Chapters)

[Not for Contest] [Custom Skin/Story] - The Azuli Prince (3/5 Chapters) Minecraft Skin
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Community - Thanks!

Hey, so its been a while since i posted anything. After this I will start a brand new skin series, I think with a Transformers theme. Not 100% sure yet. But it will be great!

I would also like to thank everyone for the support, as you are the ones that got me to where i am now. Thanks again!

Anyways i decided i would create a story to go with this skin. I will be updating it with chapters every few days so please keep in touch as i plan on adding up to 25 chapters


So the skin is of Baltricko, the first azuli prince to ever walk the land. Please read below for more info on this.

Chapter 1 - Uncontrollable Power
Chapter 2 - Secrets of Jardorama
Chapter 3 - The Sacred Prince

You may realize that my grammar and spelling is'nt the best. So please bear with me, and judge the story not the grammer haha.

I've decided I'm going to do about 5 chapters, get some feedback and the re-write it with alot more detail and cool pictures to go with it. So please share you're feedback!

So basically, like i said this is a proto type. A beta version if you will, im going off the top of my head, in the next version it will be much more satisfying and less confusing

Story of Zikya Arch - Prologue

Zikya Arch, a young boy who grew up with prison life. At his early years he was brutally and physically abused. .

One day however, he escapes. Utterly clueless as to what or where he was. He swore to get revenge on the men who previously abused him through out his life.

After years of training, in the sacred fighting style of " Linea Azul ". He started to gain the respect of his master in which he granted him with eternal Aura of Azul. The blue marks on his chest correlate with the meaning of life.

Now its time for revenge, he has the skills. He has the will power, now he needs.... REVENGE!

Chapter 1 - Uncontrollable Power

Left, Right, Dodge...... breath...... breath..... a slight ringing in the left ear.. Sit down, sit down i heard. Master Fresco told me that there was only 1 more chance for me to finish this. A slap to my left air, " Finish it " he says. I get up, walk to the centre.. Left Right, Dodge.... Breath.... Breath.... and jump! onto my back i go, back up within a second. My opponent was down, but not only down... he was dead.

After that fight i knew it was real, everything was coming down like a ton of bricks. 13,000 dollars were acquired, just for killing another human. I wasnt happy, there were only ten people i wanted to kill and they knew who they were, i had a small note with all their names on them since the day i left that prison.

" Morgano Palesio "

" Samwell Buritole "

" Samuel Freber "

" Carlo Russo "

" Han Chang "

" Juan Alcade "

" Kofa Gebrezghi "

" Anatoly Novikov "

" Malcolm Smith "

" Lorenzo Larkin "

11 years it had been since i escaped from the Lauchart Prison. But not a day has gone by that I haven't thought about it. i slammed my hands into the table, i was in agony. To long had they been unjustified, to long they had had the privilege to live. I had never been a killer, but hell you learn by trying. I grabbed the list of names and made my way down to the streets. I noticed a man waling down a small back alley, i shadowed him for what seemed like 15 minutes until he finally walked into a small bar. Within 10 minutes he came back out in which he noticed me. " Oi " he yelled while poking his head into the bar.
6 larger men came out to accompany him. " Looks like we have a little stalker on his hands " he mumbled in a quirky voice. " How about we teach him a listen " he said to the other man.

I clenched my fists, the blue aura in my skin started to glow and i could feel myself getting stronger and stronger. Time slowed down, and i was able to pin point all there moves. Left Right, Breath.... Breathe... And jump! A blue light force bursted out of me, and blew them all back. 3...2...1.. I ran towards the man i had previously followed " bang."... a shot from his small plasma pistol hit me right in the shoulder... I fell to the ground. " See, he aint so stuff " the man said. they all hesitantly approached me. Big Mistake i thought to myself as i knew all my anger was about to unleash. The blue Aura become even stronger and i felt invincible ! Left, Right small blasts of enrgey flew out. Destroying everything in its path, breath... Breath.. Breath.. And jump! A massive blade of energy surround me, completely obliterating everything in its path. my hands were glowing blue and the confusion was imense. Where did it all come from i wondered, all i knew was that my power within was much more then i had comprehended.

Master Fresco had some questions to answer.....

Chapter 2 - Secrets of Jardorama

After the alley situation i made myself down towards Master Frescos gym. A small boy was outside the gate, leaning on the wall sour rounding the building he looked sad and lonely. I made my way over to see what his story was " Whats your name? " I asked the young boy. He looked up at me with confusion and glanced at my arms, his eyes lit up like the 4th of July. He grabbed my arms and pulled up my sleeves, the markings of Azuli he mumbled frequently whispered into his left hand. A blue glow arose between the seems of his shirt, and his eyes start to shine bright. He lifted up his sleeves, unfortunate to see that his arms had been badly burnt i noticed the same blue markings i had. He was similar to me and i had to know why!

I pulled down my sleeves and pushed the boy away, " What do you know about the markings ? " i growled to the boy. " Azuli, Azuli... AZULI " The boy mumbled these words time and time after again. His markings become brighter, and his bursted with light. The force blew me back, the boy began to raise, raise up into the sky like a lifeless body. I had heard stories from Master Fresco about the spirts of Azul and how they chose certain people every thousands of years to take upon their home as. A small blue light come out of the boys mouth, it morfed into what i thought was a small animal, but escalated into a beautiful women, she then screeched with a mighty roar, unable to speak she began to communicate with me.

" The spirts have watched over you for many years now Zykya, and we

are very pleased with your existence. The men you have swore

revenge on through out your life are not what you think.

They were the lingering spirits of the sacred spirits of


they have watched over you for many years now, and

your latest display of Azuli in the alley with they 7 men was a test,

a test sent by the gods of Jardorama.

They are scared by what you have acomplished and have now sworn to take your life away.

one year from now, an army of spirits will make their way through the portal of


they will reak havick on your world and destroy all life on it. You must now

gather together an army of Azuli warriors. The young boy you have just met

will help you on your way, he is the seeker that will guide you

through this quest. He will also inform you with the rest of the details. I will not speak with you until one year is up, until then i wish you well. You are our last hope Zykya! "

The mysterious ladiy disappeared with a bright beam of light. I looked at the boy, he looked at me. He then giggled, as well as I. I gave him my hand and helped him up. I dusted him off, got on one knee and said " Boy.... You have some explaining to do "

Chapter 3 - The Sacred Prince

I took the young boy into the gym, only find Master Fresco slumped over the living room couch. (You see, the gym was like a home to him. He had the essential living fundamentals as well as the gym ) i sad the boy down, turned off the radio, " start talking " i said as i threw my wallet onto the coffee table Startling Master Freso, he jumped to his feet. Zikya, my good boy " he mumbled, while trying to open his eyes. " Is that young Rico I see? " gazing upon the young boy. " Wait, you two know each other? " i asked. The young boy nodded, he looked over towards Fresco and announced that i knew the secrets of Jardorama and that it was time for the prophecy to take place. Fresco jumped to his feet, " Follow me Zikya, ". Why i proclaimed, " Just come he yelled ". We walked out to the back yard, he got down to the ground and pulled up a small hatch from the ground. It was a small trap door, leading down to a dark room. " In ya go " he stated, pushing Rico in after me.

At the bottom of the wooden stairs, i found myself in a dark room. Rico flicked a switch, the small room was painted with maps, and codes correlating with the Azuli language. " Sit down my boy '" Master Fresco said, i have a story to tell you.

" Thousands of years ago, a small bolt of lightning struck a man named, Boltricko. Boltricko

was a man of great strength and honor, within the lightning bolt how ever

was the power of Azuli. Azuli is a life force that picks ten men, every ten thousand years. It gives the user great power, and imortality. Once mastered, this can be used as a great weapon.

Boltricko however become obsessed with his newly found power, and decided to get his brothers together to rule the world. He had 9 brothers, 8 in which had the greed and lust he oh so desired. His youngestbrother Drakionito however devoted his life to the fighting style, and mastered its powers. His brothers then become jealous of this, and decided that they would kill him. Unaware of his power, Drakionito killed all 9 of his brothers leaving 9 Azuli life forces. He absorbed these, and devoted he would find 9 new princes, pure of heart to rule the Azuli life forces. He has then over the past ten thousand years picked certain men to take upon to the role. You, and Riko are two of these nine, you must find the other seven and train. Train to master the arts of Azuli "

He stood up, and walked out of the room and wasnt seen for the rest of the night. Riko, slumped him self on the couch, and dosed off within minutes. it was hours before I got to sleep, i was up half the night thinking about what i was about to go through, and if it was just a dream. It was all hiting me, like a ton of bricks!

Chapter 4 - ???


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New Chapter

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What will happen next? Will Zikya Arch manage to get revenge against the people who hurt him? Or will he fail to take them down? Find out, on the next exciting episode of DragonBall Z!
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Really nice, keep up the good work!
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Make Ghostface from the Scream movies
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Things I'm better at then Right_Hand_Masenko:
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i also just made one for the contest.
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No man, yours is great! Just make more and you will get even better!
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great story, but I think the skin isn't as amazing as many of your other skins. Anyhow, good luck in the contest!
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Oh okay, fair enough man. Thanks so much for the feedback :D
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Ninininininice skin Buddy :D
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