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Creeper Hoodie [Base Skin]

Creeper Hoodie [Base Skin] Minecraft Skin
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avatar Stevenleonon
Level 39 : Artisan Steve
Hey guys! This is just a little base skin I made for the fun of it.
Read below for details. ;D

Q: What is a Base Skin?
A: A base skin is a skin that has a few ways you can customize it. So in this one, it gives a pretty epic hoodie and jeans, but it lets you customize the face and hands. Not the greatest idea, but I wasn't creative enough to do a face. :3

Q: Well, that seems kind of pointless. Any reason you made this?
A: Yes. I really just did this to try some shading out, and kinda sharpen my skills. :)

Q: Since you can customize this, can I add a face and hands and post it to PMC? :D
A: No. If you use this skin, it must be for personal use. I don't care if you make an incredible face and hands, but no posting this with your custome face and such. Try making your own skin. ;D

Hope this helped! Thanks for reading. And if you liked, don't forget to



Thanks for reading!
CreditMCSkin3D for letting me make the skin? :P

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Update #1 : 05/29/2012 7:20:18 pmMay 29th, 2012

Fixed the description a little. :)
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