D.VA Palanquin [HD] Minecraft Skin
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D.VA Palanquin [HD]

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Noodle avatar Noodle
Level 52 : Grandmaster Ladybug
omg another overwatch skin in 4 YEARS?!?!

D.VA Palanquin [HD] Minecraft Skin

This skin COMPLETELY ruins my future aesthetic but I did want to make this cute skin in HD after previously making it as an ingame commission.

And a Happy late Mid-Autumn/Spring Festival to my fellow Asians, I am avoiding the mooncakes this year because I only get the durian filling ones and I um-
Durian and I do not agree.

anyways here's an accurate representation of what myself rapping sounds like (very explicit language)

CreditTop of the Morning x7

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09/27/2021 11:44 am
Level 38 : Artisan Cookie
minzy avatar
Love a good mooncake but they're so dense I could never eat it in a single go. Also u poor thing having to have Durian flavour. I've never had durian but I imagine it's awful because it's banned on all transport in Singapore

on another note, this skin is super cute!! I forgot you were working on this and the hair/braid came out perfectt
09/27/2021 10:07 pmhistory
Level 52 : Grandmaster Ladybug
Noodle avatar
i agree- i usually have to eat halves with my mum but she always get durian flavour and I have to be the good daughter ._. my strategy this year is to f**king RUN

ahhh ty! the braid took at least 2 braincells out of me in terms of shading ngl
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