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Dark elf

Dark elf Minecraft Skin

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avatar CrafterickAce
Level 19 : Journeyman Zombie
ttributes quantify your character's qualities. You character may have a
Role Playing Game
From a fantasy setting where a species' attributes, weaknesses and powers are realistic and the most common types of their stories. I.e Vampires aren't gods.

Character Backstory
He was born as a dark elf because both parents had dark genes. Elves doesn't like dark elves so, he was cast out of the kingdom when he hit the age of sixteen, but the strongest pain in his life was the years before. He was unequally treatet, bullied for his skin, his parents hated him, was always blamed for any evil behaviour and got harrassed by all of the popular elves. It didn't help that he was the only meat-eater in the elf kingdom.

Everything changed the day he turned sixteen, for better and worse. The first ever beast he ever fought was right outside of the kingdom, three wolves. He had issues with with beating the three wolves when his journey began. He barely made it out alive, but atleast he had food. While he ate pieces of one of the wolves, he had an idea.
The next day, as he arrived at the tavern of a human kingdom. The tavern went silent when they saw the sixteen year old kid, bruised and injured, dragging two dead, fully intact, wolves on each shoulder.

He later was known as a mercenary with piercing purple eyes and a war-painted face with a skull.

Character Abilities
*Has a slightly better sight than the average elf. This makes it just slightly hard to do stuff at night time.
*Can knock out a Lynx with one hit
*Has the dexterity of a well trained elf.
*Has a good connection with magick. This makes it really easier to use enchanted items and magical artifacts.

Character Equipment
Green Gambeson
Enchanted golden ring
Red Dragonscale Armor
Waterproof boots
Black torn cloak w/hood
Steel longsword.

Character Attributes


An average human male in comparison would be 50. An average dead skeleton would be 0 and 100 would be a demi-god

Format1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
ModelSteve (4 pixel arms)

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