Dark Faust [Ultraman Nexus] Minecraft Skin
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Dark Faust [Ultraman Nexus]

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Dark Faust [Ultraman Nexus] Minecraft Skin
Dark Faust [Ultraman Nexus] Minecraft Skin
Dark Faust [Ultraman Nexus] Minecraft Skin

Dark Faust!The Faust is with yah!
Dark Faust is an Evil Type Ultra Crusader that only appear in the Ultraman Nexus series.He was created by Dark Zagi and was the first to attack Ultraman Nexus.His human host is Riko Saida.She was used as a puppet after the accident with Nosferu.In the show,Faust story and part.......doesn't really matter.The girl does!but this skin is about Faust not miss Saida. All Faust do is just beat up Nexus and leave and listen...and do work...and listen...and stuff...just think of it as a robot sent by the army...that is how plain his story is.He died after Riko sacrifice her self.Faust life is also Riko's.so if one died,the other will.that type of thing.He is...really not much.the girl is.go try reading it in the Ultraman Wiki
The skin....taaaataatatatattatatatata~ the Horn~.unbelievable!his horn is that ridiculous!oh mah ....that just it!ok there is the yellow line part but the only thing that everyone can tell which is which...is his damn horn.it's that serious!can anyone tell me where can i make mods?

(while i was doing this skin...i was thinking...) Fan Fic!

*:Faust stole Steve's diamond then ran away
Steve: Where is he?!
*Riko appear*
Steve: oh hi

Riko: hello

*:The next day,Faust killed Steve's cow for meat.He then start running away after he saw Steve coming out from his house
Steve: you think you can ran away...
*Riko appear*
Steve: hi there

Riko: hi

*:The next day,Faust stole the crop that Steve had stole from the villager
Steve: you are so dead....
*Riko appear*
Steve: what up?

Riko: nice weather we're having

Steve: yeah...sure....

*:The next day,Faust ate Steve's cake
Steve:lord i'll make sure you....
*Riko appear*
Riko: Good morning Steve

*:Steve shot an arrow at Riko's knee
Steve: Dafuq did i told my name?!

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