Dark Mephisto [Ultraman Nexus] Minecraft Skin
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Dark Mephisto [Ultraman Nexus]

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Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
So....if bad Ultra died...they'll meet him?!

Some might called him The Devil...Like... The Devil?! So this guy....is Ultraman Devil?! i'm not joking! i seen stuff and read stuff! The Devil?! Ultraman El Diablo?

Dark Mephisto is the Dark Ultra form of Mizorogi Shinya, the former Deputy Captain of the Night Raider Division of TLT and a mentor/love interest to Nagi. He and Nagi went into a building alone facing the Zombie Variant of Beast Humans, corpses animated by some dark power as a puppets. Mizorogi proceeded deeper alone until he met a dark giant, one he mistook for just another Beast. This one, however, was immune to his cannons and instead of fighting him convinced Shinya to merge with it. Thus Dark Mephisto was born that day, as Mizorogi disappeared. Long past since then, When Misawa revealed his new self as Dark Mephisto Zwei, he attacked and nearly killed Mizorogi. Fleeing from the giant, Komon and Nagi watched on as Ultraman Nexus’ power was drained by the giant. However, as the villain prepared to finish off the giant of light, Mizorogi called upon the light, taking the form of Dark Mephisto again. This time, however, the human had complete control of himself. He was no longer a puppet and now used this destructive force for good. Saving Nexus, the two dark ones clashed in a show of power, but Shinya's wounds came to play, slowing him down. Zweistabbed his blades into Mephisto’s gut, the dark giant was about to fall. Yelling for Ultraman to fire as he spun around and held the other tight, the end of this power and life was soon to be. Ultraman Nexus fired his Arrow-Ray Storm, killing Dark Mephisto Zwei while Mizorogi reverted to his human form. Sharing a few last words with Nagi, he dies in her arms, having atoned for his past sins.

The Skin...Yeah i forgot.... i did rage out from something...but i couldn't remember! this skin was finished like a month ago!

(When i was working on this... maybe...must...maybe...) Fan Fic!!

*:- The Nether
*Steve Spawn*
Mephisto: *sigh* ok sir, what did you do bad...

Steve: Wha?.....wha?!

Mephisto: sir, what is your name?

Steve: It's Steve.

Mephisto: "Steve"? hmmmm Ultraman Steve?!

Steve: No no no no, i'm not an Ultraman!

Mephisto: *sigh* I get it,sir. you hate the light, but i can't find your name here!

Steve: What is that list anyway?!

Mephisto: The name of all Evil Ultra that died.

Steve: So this is hell?! isn't this The Minecraft's Nether?!

Dark Mephisto [Ultraman Nexus] Minecraft Skin
Dark Mephisto [Ultraman Nexus] Minecraft Skin
Dark Mephisto [Ultraman Nexus] Minecraft Skin
CreditGot Amino MC?! Yuno wa 2 doo!

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