Dark Mephisto Zwei (Dark Mephisto) [Ultraman Nexus] Minecraft Skin
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Dark Mephisto Zwei (Dark Mephisto) [Ultraman Nexus]

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Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
With just a change of eye color, this man is much better & stronger then the Original! Wow!!

I know i know, yall be like "Gunbir, didn't you did Dark Mephisto? why are you posting it again?! even if the eye color is different, that is just Exp Cheating!". *heavily breathing* i wasn't going to but when i kept seeing his picture, i'm like "This guy is important" even tho he last like only 1 ep! oh wait, if i'm right, he last around 5 min 40 sec!

Dark Mephisto Zwei is a clone of the original Mephisto, Zwei was the latest Dark Giant created by the master of the Space Beasts and Dark Giants. He was created in response to the fact that the original Mephisto's host Mizorogi Shinya was free of the dark lord's power meaning the mind of Mephisto was dead. When Misawa revealed his new self as Dark Mephisto Zwei, he attacked and nearly killed Mizorogi. Fleeing from the giant, Komon and Nagi watched on as Ultraman Nexus’ power was drained by the giant. However, as the villain prepared to finish off the giant of light, Mizorogi called upon the light, taking the form of Dark Mephisto Saving Nexus, the two dark ones clashed in a show of power, but Shinya's wounds came to play, slowing him down. Zwei stabbed his blades into Mephisto’s gut, the dark giant was about to fall. Yelling for Ultraman to fire as he spun around and held the other tight, the end of this power and life was soon to be. Ultraman Nexus fired his Arrow-Ray Storm, killing Dark Mephisto Zwei while Mizorogi reverted to his human form.

The Skin..... i just change the eye color from Dark Mephisto

(While making this skin.... could i make a....) Fan Fic!!

Zwei: Fear me Mortal Player, cause i, Dark Mephisto Zwei had come to Destroy earth!

Steve: i'll take you on...

Zwei: huh, "(John Ceno tone) Are You Sure About That?". So you don't fear death *giggle* even in death, we'll still meet. Cause i'm the Devil

Steve: Mephisto, is it that bad when i beaten you up?

Zwei: what?!

Steve: ah sure, change eye and came back and be like "ah, you the one that beat up my bro?! i'm gonna beat you up!"

Zwei: What?! no i'm not the Dark Mephisto you're talking about. I'm Dark Mephisto Zwei!

Steve: oh my god! at least throw away the "Mephisto" part and is that the only thing you change?! only your eye?! if you're an assassin.... you'll...i-i-i.... i just don't know!!

Dark Mephisto Zwei (Dark Mephisto) [Ultraman Nexus] Minecraft Skin
Dark Mephisto Zwei (Dark Mephisto) [Ultraman Nexus] Minecraft Skin
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