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Das Zauberer (The Magnus)

Das Zauberer (The Magnus) Minecraft Skin

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avatar Nightcrawler_117
Level 16 : Journeyman Explorer
You're Very Unsure What To Make Of This Construct... There Are Few Things You Can Be Certain About It, But You Can't Seem To Understand Any Of Them... Some Of These Things Include:

-There Are Clearly Two Strange, Fizzy Liquids Inside It That Constantly Fuze Together And Separate At Specific Intervals, For No Apparent Reason...

-It Has No Eyes, Mouth, Ears... Or Really Anything Usually Found On A Face, However It Still Appears To Be Able To See Somehow And It's Able To Speak In A Weird *Wub-Wub* Kind Of... Thing... That Kinda Sounds Like Something Trying To Vibrate Through A Strong Layer Of Plastic Sandwich Wrap...

-It Appears To Operate Without Any Assistance, Such As Physical Assistance, Food, Water Or Any Fuel Source, Other Than The Pretty Stuff Inside It... Despite This, It Occasionally Lets Out A Big Cloud Of Technicolor Green Steam From It's Back Exhaust Vent...

-And It Appeared In That "Cyberpunk: Reloaded" Skin Contest That One Time... However It Didn't Appear To Know What It Was Doing There... It Didn't Seem To Care Too Much Though, Primarily Because It's A Robot...

UPDATE: "You're Very Unsure What To Make Of This Construct"... I Was Apparently Very Observant When I Was 14. I Didn't, However, Notice The Word "Punk" In Cyber-Punk... As This Is Clearly Just A Construct With Pretty Colours.

- Might Make A Shaded Update... I Don't Feel Like It Got The Love It Should Have...

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