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Deadly premonition skin series: raincoat killer

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Level 25 : Expert Architect
hes watching you.... and he has an axe!

We dont know if he's real. hes a "legend" That murders people with an axe. a FIRE axe. that is VERY VERY sharp.
he also bites womens tonges off and feeds them red seeds when he's murdering them. hes a very nice person. I ASSURE YOU.

The serial killer from the old PS2 and xBox 360 game "Deadly premonition"

This guy kills women and has a reverse peace sign tattooed on his back. he wars a red raincoat, and i may, probably update it really soon.
i am doing a series of these including:

FBI agent Francis York Morgan "Call me York, it's what everyone calls me"
Vice-sherriff Emily Wyatt "didn't expect an FBI agent to keep me waiting all night"
Sherrif George Woodman "King" of greenvale. described by York as "The monarch"
Forrest Kaysen Good old Willie should be a police dog"
The General - owner of Greenvale scrap yard, he has a sergeant's insignia on his shirt. hmm. the town IS full of loons. That brings us to, almost lastly:
"Roaming" Sigourney. or, The Pot Lady. "My pot is getting cold, young man!" she also only wears one shoe. hmm.
Harry Stewart. An eccentric entrepreneur, who, for reasons unknown, wears a white gas mask, and rarely speaks. he is in a wheelchair, so when you use his skin, be prepared to retexture your minecart, and live in it with a friend to push you about.

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