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Desert Ranger Combat Armor

Desert Ranger Combat Armor Minecraft Skin
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Level 12 : Journeyman Ranger
This particular armor is United States Marine Corps relic of the Sino-American War recovered and restored by Randall Clark, boasting a khaki/brown desert camouflage pattern and the usual equipment, worn with a light shade duster, and a pair of durable pants. The armor was worn by Staff Sergeant R.B. Vickers during their deployment in China, with the locations - Nanjing and Shanghai - painted on the helmet, together with a plea FORGIVE ME MAMA scrawled on the front. Judging by the writing, Vickers spent June through August in Nanjing, followed by a deployment in Shanghai September through May. The helmet also has multiple tally marks, though whether Clark added them himself or they date back to the Chinese campaign is unclear.

The entire ensemble closely resembles the traditional gear of the Nevada Desert Rangers and is readily identified as such.
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