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aesteroid avatar aesteroid
Level 49 : Master Fox
my "friends" are harassing me to come back to pmc!!! >=(
hECk here are my reasons

#1 - this site gives me the most unnecessary anxiety ever
#2 - im unoriginal & another teen skinner
#3 - i had to wrestle em because they tried posting a skin
and BOY,,, i h ad a heart attack right then and there!!!!
#4 - i promised them that i would only update a few skins then
i would sKeet skeet myself back toward skindex
#5 - i have to take a shower and i'm super tired but i'll update a few
skins then leaveeeeeeeeeeee
#6 - i could care less what happens here anymore
#7 - many judgmental people,,, im honestly NEVER in it for
competition or anything, im always in it for fun!!! (^=


3 Update Logs

update tres : by aesteroid 05/09/2018 11:27:12 pmMay 9th, 2018

wow, i mean, just wow
never thought i'd see this updating skin page EVER AGAIn!!!!!!
only a few more skins till im wHOOSH,,, gone

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05/21/2018 4:18 pm
Level 44 : Master Princess
Jewelry avatar
ohman dw about it!
if you’re not feeling well enough to post on here then don’t, nobody’s forcing you :’)
i completely relate on the “another teen skinner”
pmc’s slowly turning into 2 clans i swear

But hey do whatever’s most healthy and enjoyable for you
we’ll miss you! xx
05/21/2018 6:04 pm
Level 49 : Master Fox
aesteroid avatar
haha tru e as heckk
and thank you for understanding <3 ;w;
05/11/2018 11:54 am
Level 20 : Expert Hunter
GEDDXNS avatar
sksks "another teen skinner" I'd agree with you when you said that this site has many judgemental people, sad to see you're not active due to it :c
05/11/2018 4:57 pm
Level 49 : Master Fox
aesteroid avatar
yeah,,, im pretty much a wimp when it comes to posting stuff i make because due to circumstances that happened in the past, im afraid someone will get all their friends and start attacking me for "plagiarizing" all their work hINT hinT it was my work that they reposted and i was pretty much a weak kid so i just left the site and became an introvert because i was so afraid of everyone doing the same thing LOL i was also kind of a dumb kid so ahahah
05/12/2018 9:15 am
Level 20 : Expert Hunter
GEDDXNS avatar
oof feelsbadman, I was afraid of that too for when I started on pmc which wasn't a while ago really but I told myself not to care - I'm usually told that I never do care so that was lowkey easy for me,,, but I wouldn't let the past control what you do now lmao there's skin stealers everywhere s a d l y ;;
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