Destiny 2 Emperor Calus (+Loyalists) Minecraft Skin
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Destiny 2 Emperor Calus (+Loyalists)

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Archival Mind avatar Archival Mind
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Terraformer
Yes, Emperor Calus is here... oh wait, he's leaving in November. Ah well, at least you'll have the fond memories of beating his robot clones senseless. Anyway, this was an interesting one because I actually finished Calus himself yesterday. This was due to me waiting until I had screenshots of his 2nd and 3rd phase forms, which I didn't get until last night. So I worked on all of those until early in the morning, when I had to let the void take me.

Enjoy the end of the D2 Cabal Redux Project... hope I won't need to do anything like that again. Haha... ha... why are the Psions looking at me?
Phase 2, Phase 3Destiny 2 Emperor Calus (+Loyalists) Minecraft SkinDestiny 2 Emperor Calus (+Loyalists) Minecraft Skin
Legionary (minor, elite, Imperial)Destiny 2 Emperor Calus (+Loyalists) Minecraft Skin
Phalanx (minor, elite)
Psion (minor, Councilor)
Incendior (minor, elite, Imperial)
Gladiator (minor, elite)
Centurion (minor, elite, Imperial)
Colossus (minor, elite)

UPDATE 1/24/2021 - Updated Loyalist Psion and Councilor for the Psionic Recharge Project.

UPDATE 3/9/2021 - Added minor variants to the Gladiator and Incendior based off patterns present on other units that have minor variants. Changed armor for minor Centurion to match the others due to an error.

UPDATE 3/31/2021 - Added minor variant of the Colossus after remembering aforementioned pattern

UPDATE 4/16/2021 - Changed bodies of the Gladiator variants to (finally) match their in-game counterparts.

1 Update Logs

Update #1 - Armor Recoloring : 02/25/2021 3:01:41 amFeb 25th

- Calus remains the same
- Loyalist forces have had their armor changed from black to grey. This pattern was based on my recent progress with Caiatl's Cabal. I went back and made these guys more game-accurate. The following have been updated:
1. Legionaire (minor, elite)
2. Phalanx (minor, elite)
3. Psion
4. Centurion (minor, elite)
5. Colossus (elite)
6. Gladiator (elite)
7. Incendior (elite)

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