Destiny 2 The Taken (lots more in the desc.) Minecraft Skin
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Destiny 2 The Taken (lots more in the desc.)

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Archival Mind avatar Archival Mind
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Terraformer
I AM BACK!! AND SO ARE THEY!! THE TAKEN!! The demon-spawn corrupted of Oryx are back! The time has come to unleash my 3-weeks-worth work!

I had to take all of my Taken skins, revert them to their original form, then make them Taken again! The old ones are still up for upload. The new ones are more shaded, their eyes are less... typical. AND Grask should give you the first taste of what the Red Legion will be like.

Above is the Taken Vandal, below are the rest...

Phalanx BossDestiny 2 The Taken (lots more in the desc.) Minecraft Skin
Other Vandal Variants (Ravenous, Major, Ultra)Destiny 2 The Taken (lots more in the desc.) Minecraft SkinDestiny 2 The Taken (lots more in the desc.) Minecraft Skin
Captain (n, ravenous, major, ultra)
Psion (n, ravenous, major, ultra)
Phalanx (n, ravenous, major, ultra)
Centurion (n, ravenous, major, ultra, boss)
Centurion Boss
Goblin (n, ravenous, major, ultra)
Hobgoblin (n, ravenous, major, ultra)
Minotaur (n, ravenous, major, ultra)
Thrall (n, ravenous, major, ultra)
Acolyte (n, ravenous, major, ultra)
Knight (n, ravenous, major, ultra)
Wizard (n, ravenous, major, ultra)
Ogre (n, ravenous, major, ultra)

The parenthesis is there to inform you what order they will be in.

UPDATE 7/13/20 - Added Major variants to the Thrall, Acolyte, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Vandal, Psion, and Phalanx.

UPDATE 8/13/20 - Renamed "Grask" to "Phalanx Boss" and also updated it in preparation for the D2 Cabal Redux Project.

UPDATE 10/1/2020 - Updated textures for all D1 Cabal and Vex variants (+Thrall) as part of the D1 Revamp Project.

UPDATE 10/4/2020 - Updated textures for all D1 Hive variants that were updated as part of the D1 Revamp Project.

UPDATE 10/22/2020 - Updated Vex and Psion textures.

UPDATE 11/1/2020 - Changed elite and major variants for Acolyte, Vandal, and Captain to closer resemble differences found in-game.

UPDATE 1/24/2021 - Update Psion textures to fit the Psionic Recharge Project.

UPDATE 2/23/2021 - Updated Knight and Thrall variants to match new textures. Updated Phalanx and Centurion Elite and Major variants to better represent their in-game counterparts.

UPDATE 8/17/2021 - Updated Major Psion's eye to match other major variants. Added Ultra variants, gold Taken with blue eyes.

UPDATE 8/31/2021 - Updated Wizard variants to fit the new changes to the abdominal armor on other D1-based Wizards

UPDATE 6/17/22 - Fixed back plating for all Minotaur variants

UPDATE 6/23/22 - Fixed Phalanx boss armor coloration

UPDATE 7/4/22 - Fixed Goblin/Hobgoblin/Minotaur eye position

UPDATE 8/22/22 - Added Taken Ogres

UPDATE 3/21/22 - Fixed Grask's back belt

UPDATE 4/13/23 - Fixed Minotaur core armor

UPDATE 5/8/23 - Changed Grask's head as part of Project Head Reassignment Surgery

UPDATE 5/31/23 - Moved Centurion and Archon bosses to their own category. Desaturated all the major/ultra variants a bit.

UPDATE 6/26/23 - Fixed some lighting things on Goblins, Hobgoblins, Minotaurs, Wizards, Psions, Phalanxes, Centurions, Ogres, and Knights.

2 Update Logs

Update #2 - Taken Gradient Conundrum : by Archival Mind 06/22/2023 10:48:08 pmJun 22nd

- Changed all Elite Taken to have a brighter head
- Changed all Major/Ultra Taken to have a brighter head
- Made slight adjustments to Centurions, Psions, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Minotaurs, and Wizards

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