Detective Murilo (Simulacra) Minecraft Skin
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Detective Murilo (Simulacra)

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Hello Everybody, this is 2012Commander here, and here's Detective Murilo from Simulacra!

Detective Murilo is a detective of the "Special Police" Unit of the unnamed city in which the game takes place in. the only 2 US States which have Special Police in the manner that he works in is either Massachusetts or New Jersey (unless he is a specially trained officer appointed by the Governor in Texas). either that or he just put the badge for his caller i.d. because he liked it. IDK. but anyway, he is the detective assigned to the case involving the disappearance of Anna, the previous owner of a smartphone delivered to the protagonist's house. he calls the phone informing "Anna" that her neighbor called reporting a break-in at her apartment. it in reality was Greg Summers, her boyfriend, who the protagonist helped him get into her house by giving him a keycard reset code. the next time he calls is when Greg gets arrested for trying to hack into Anna's work computer to get a phone backup for the protagonist. the last time he calls is when Anna's friend Ashley mistakes the protagonist for being an accomplice in Anna's disappearance, and phones the detective. he figures out that you are not Anna, and says that he is going to question you and Greg. he then gives the player a chance of not getting arrested if he complies with helping in the investigation, but when the player tries to call, all he/she receives is static. NOTE: this was taken from 8-bitryan's playthrough, which is the Abandon Hope Ending

Detective Murilo (Simulacra) Minecraft Skin
Murilo's Smartphone Caller ID

because you can't see him, i designed him by scratch (like when i made Peter Johnson from the Stairs Pre-Alpha)

Detective Murilo (Simulacra) Minecraft Skin

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