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Detective Pikachu is a male Pikachu and the titular deuteragonist of the video game and the titular main protagonist of the live-action movie of the same name. He is a special kind of Pikachu who talks and behaves like a human and sometimes an animal. He is not able to use any move unlike other Pikachu, but seems to possess a rather high intelligence to the point where he claim to be a renowned detective.

In the titular video game, he is voiced by Tōru Ōkawa in the Japanese dub and Kaiji Tang in the English dub. In the movie, when he is speaking "normally", he is voiced by Ryan Reynolds, who is better known for portraying Theo/Turbo from Turbo, Guy from the Croods, the anti-hero Deadpool from the movie of the same name and played Green Lantern from the DC film with the same name. Reynolds also provides Pikachu's facial motion captured. When he is speaking in "Pokemon Speak", he is voiced by Ikue Ohtani.

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