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Diamant - Fire Emblem Engage

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VensWayfinder avatar VensWayfinder
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"Why would you make a minecraft skin for a character who hasn't released yet in a game that hasn't released yet?"

So I made a Diamant skin which will probably end up getting heavy edits when the game actually comes out (specifically for the colors because I know I messed them up, the lighting is very harshly orange in the exactly 2 seconds of Diamant trailer content)-- but for now I made a prince of Brodia skin, because I kind of love this guy before he's even real.

I named my Fuecoco Diamant (Diamante, actually, becuase there wasn't a spelling for his name yet) and that's probably why I love him so much. My Fuecoco is the dorkiest little guy ever, I love him dearly
(Pokemon Scarlet's a rather lovely game-- very buggy with weird graphics, but lovely)
CreditFire Emblem Engage

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He's the actual design now : by VensWayfinder 01/23/2023 3:41:29 pmJan 23rd

I fixed him up since the game's actually out now! I have a real reference... and I do in fact still find him delightful

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