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Dr Radhearth's Creature [Nuclear Winter Skin Contest]

Dr Radhearth's Creature [Nuclear Winter Skin Contest] Minecraft Skin

Contest Finalist!
This Skin is in the Nuclear Winter Skin Contest which is now Complete!
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avatar Avarikk
Level 57 : Grandmaster Skinner

Before war famous genetic engineer dr Cornelius Radheart created strange furry blue-skinned creature.
This unnatural animal was designed to deal with nuclear waste.
Dr Radheart was doing some research on it's abilities.
He injected mixture of radioactive isotopes.
And then interesting thing happened...
Several spots on creature's body flashed with bright blue light of Cherenkov radiation.
Subject survived.

Four years later the bombs fell.
Research facility was destroyed and creature escaped.
Soon after dust covered the Sun completelly an temperature dropped uder the scale freezing almost everything.
Survival became hard to achieve by every living theng.
Except dr Radheart's beast.

It doesn't suffer from cold weather.
It can survive long without food.
Radiatian wams the creature up from the inside and fur protects it from the outside.

Wandering through snowy wasteland visiting almost every former hospital, nuclear power plants and landfills, ground zeroes and even secret military facilities.
It's looking for food, and radioactive isotopes attracts this mysterious creature like magnet.
This one-of-a-kind animal is feeling radiation in similar way as we scent smell.

Undangered by nothing this creature will probably live for years, decades, maybe centuries.
No one knows...
Alternative versions
Without glowing patches

Format1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
ModelSteve (4 pixel arms)

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  • KingKahuna
  • Level 3
  • Apprentice Mage
  • July 3, 2017, 8:11 pm
This skin is rly rly good dude. It deserves a higher spot and unluckily this particular competition happened to have a lot of good submissions.
This is a wonderful skin. I have no real gripes about it - the colors are interesting, uniquely combined and utilized; the shading is spot on, with a great balance of realism and contrast, really lending itself to that fur; I love how you utilized the glowing, radioactive spots - the utilization of the multiple layers really sells them - it feels like they're actually glowing.

It fits the theme well, and hits all the marks from an artistic standpoint. The story, while simple, defines the skin well. This is definitely one of my favorites to win the contest.
  • ItsArnas922
  • Level 4
  • Apprentice Architect
  • January 5, 2016, 6:18 pm
Great work mate
  • Beverly
  • Level 64
  • High Grandmaster Explorer
  • January 5, 2016, 2:50 pm
Excellent! Good luck to you :)
  • Orbiter
  • Level 42
  • Master Fox
  • January 5, 2016, 2:38 pm
That's good
too good
  • sir_sasquatch
  • Level 50
  • Grandmaster Artist
  • January 5, 2016, 11:17 am
love the colors, love the lines, love the hair, love the idea, hope you win a good place, GL!
  • Sinihan
  • Level 56
  • Grandmaster Senpai
  • January 4, 2016, 11:32 pm
ooo, nice :D
I see you entered! Still waiting for mine... Q.Q
  • Avarikk
  • Level 57
  • Grandmaster Skinner
  • January 5, 2016, 12:32 am
I think yours entered too ;)
  • Sinihan
  • Level 56
  • Grandmaster Senpai
  • January 5, 2016, 12:54 am
Oh yeah... Either it was not too long ago or I'm just stupid and didn't notice... xDDD
  • spacegames
  • Level 59
  • Grandmaster Gent
  • January 4, 2016, 10:54 am
i hope you'll get into the contest because this skin deserves a place in the finals
  • C4pitano
  • Level 42
  • Master Cyborg
  • January 4, 2016, 8:34 am
you forgot to enter?
  • Avarikk
  • Level 57
  • Grandmaster Skinner
  • January 4, 2016, 8:43 am
No, about three and a half hour before submission deadline checkbox for contest entry was unavailable. I PMed about it to some site moderators.. I hope it'll be submitted to contest anyway

1 - 12 of 12

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