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Level 71 : Legendary Necromancer
I prefer the stillness that prevails here. I'm tired of the Earth, these people,
tired of being caught in the confusion of their existence..


Jonathan Osterman did not choose his life.
As a boy, dreaming of being watchmaker like his father,
he gave up his dream because of his option, that after the bombing of Hiroshima August 6, 1945, said:
"Professor Einstein said that time varies from one place to another. If time is wrong,
why would watchmaker? (...) My job is over. I want a future for my son. "

Jonathan therefore had to obey the orders of his father. He studied at Princeton in 1958
and graduated in nuclear physics.

By accident, it disintegrated in August 1959. During the months of his disappearance,
scientists from the research center where he worked seeing a skeleton across a room,
or another time an emaciated body. At these moments, Jon is "regulated"
for the look he had on his return: "Really, it is only to readjust in the correct order the various elements"

Like clockwork, Osterman takes months to "restructure its intrinsic field" before becoming
an almost omniscient and omnipotent: Jon back in November 1959, turned, his body now blue,
which can be transformed at will, teleport his body, beings or objects, transmute matter, shoot lightning,
move things without touching them, endowed with the gift of ubiquity, etc..
He has no sensation of cold or heat, and as he realizes over the years, never grows old.

Become the ultimate weapon of the United States, he was directing to assume the identity
of Doctor Manhattan, referring to the Manhattan Project. He chose as his symbol a hydrogen atom,
a symbol that is engraved on the front. Its existence was made o o public in March 1960.
His father, who died in 1969, never knew his son was "income" after its disintegration.

He is 11 years with his partner before the disintegration, Janey Slater,
who finally quit when he began dating Laurie Jupiter; this relationship takes 19 years,
and ends shortly after the death of the actor.

It will have a brief vigilante activity, without really understanding the moral value
(violence, even in the face of the killers is absurd for him).
When he meets the other masked avengers, he sees them as "friendly their forties who like to dress"
but with whom he has nothing in common. For him, only the youngest, Ozymandias, sounds interesting..

If it comes off more and more humans, preferring to contemplate the wonders of the universe,
he takes his girlfriend admire Mount Olympus on Mars.
Dr. Manhattan is however still accessible to feelings, and it will be well handled in 1985,
to allow the plot is going on successfully.

He left the Milky Way at the end of history and plans to go create
a new form of life elsewhere with its unlimited powers..

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