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Emperor's Children Pre-Heresy Skin

Emperor's Children Pre-Heresy Skin Minecraft Skin
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avatar LordofNight2
Level 48 : Master Vampire
The Emperor's Children. The 3rd Legion. The Perfect ones. The Emperor's Children devote their entire lives to becoming the perfect warriors. They see the Emperor as the epitome of humans and strive to achieve that state. They are not only warriors however and many of them are artists. Some are painters, some singers, and some sculpters. They keep this skill set throughout their lives and practice it often on their vessels. The Emperor's Children have very close ties to the Iron Hands and Sons of Horus and fight with them frequently as friends and allies. The Primarch of the Iron Hands,Ferrus Manus is Fulgrim's Greatest friend and they share very close ties.

The Emperor's Children page on the Lexicanum wiki

This skin is from The Heresy Era Skin Project

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CreditFulgrim, Emperor of Mankind
FormatUniversal 64x32

12/21/2018 12:56 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Explorer
I believe you could add in so much to the skin with the current secondary lair given to us, you might find NovaSkin editor to be the best tool for the job to add depth to these skins. I love the project idea, but shadowing and depth added to these skin would make them look bigger and bulkier just like how space marines really look. And with nova's skin shade randomizer, you can break up the bright pink and adding more detail to your other skins.
01/27/2013 8:31 am
Level 36 : Artisan Hunter
looks a lot like fulgrim
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