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Enderlord I Oblivion The God Of The End

Enderlord I Oblivion The God Of The End Minecraft Skin

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avatar nicknackqw
Level 18 : Journeyman Spelunker
Oblivion is the eldest and probably the most powerful of the 7, he is often dubbed the wanderer of the void. His armor is carved of dragon scales shed by the previous great dragon, "Hyperios, The Sun's Might" who fell due to old age. Oblivion was sent to earth to avenge the newly fallen dragon, "Raeqish, The Moon's Valor" who was slain, shot out of the night sky by the DragonSlayers, Elise Bloodrinker, Saedar Shadowdance, Spratackar Ironfist and Jeadok Goldreaper. Currently he is following the trail of Fear, Greed, Wrath, and Deception, the four Enderlords that left in search of the DragonSlayers before him. He does have faith that those 4 alone could slay the slayers but he can wait no longer. As king and keeper of the end he was entrusted with his Claws, DawnCleaver, and DuskBlade, the Claws of Light and Darkness.
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