Experimental Power Suit EX-1D-R Minecraft Skin
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Experimental Power Suit EX-1D-R

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Phoenix_S4_2 avatar Phoenix_S4_2
Level 34 : Artisan Miner
~Special request from Britton041

The EX series are highly confidential prototype power suits designed for battlefield superiority. The suits are made for rough, rugged terrain as well as urban environments. 
The EX-1D-R specializes on precise long range targeting and to do so is equipped with dual railguns that can reach speeds of Mach 5.
Due to the loudness of the railguns, it is made mandatory that all units in the same squadron of the EX-1D be equipped with sound insulating helmets to prevent catastrophic damage to the ears and brain.

~What im trying to say is that if you stand too close, your goddamn head will explode, and we'll be using your insurance to clean your mess off the suit. These things aren't cheap man!

EX-1D-R V-2
~Changed mask
Experimental Power Suit EX-1D-R Minecraft Skin
EX-1D-R Maskless
~more helmetless than maskless
Experimental Power Suit EX-1D-R Minecraft SkinExperimental Power Suit EX-1D-R Minecraft Skinundefinedundefined

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