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eyepatch edgelord

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Fubukaze avatar Fubukaze
Level 62 : High Grandmaster uwu
remember when i said i was gonna upload my OC / persona skin at 500 subs

i lied

tl:dr of description at the end

the title came from my brain like 10 seconds ago, i just randomly thought "eyepatch edgelord" and now its the title.
the only tag i'm adding is eyepatch edgelord.

for artist that def are not subscribed to me: good luck figuring out wtf is going on with the outfit.
not even i know.
also if you wanna draw.. me? without the eyepatch just do an icy blue eye on the eye that the patch is on

fun fact: this entire skin is based off a stupid joke i made

"do not embrace the void, i don't like hugs."
that's why it's mostly black


also, minor profile page update that actually tells my gender because that's basically what this skin is doing. kinda hard to hide it when you make th i s

tldr: i'm woman yes
with a low amount of brain cells

desc update #1: i lowkey want someone to draw this i am tired of having an ayame pfp
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