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Falling in the Shadows (Story Included!)

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Mayanaisee avatar Mayanaisee
Level 48 : Master Spider Rider
decided to get creative with this one, the shadows could be better but eh
none of the story is true!  
here's the story thing:
le story
As I lie there on the cold, hard floor of my cell, I think. Here I am, in this prison, how I got here I do not know. The world is slowly collapsing around me, and the government is being stricter than ever. They have multiplied their security systems by god knows how many, and make no exceptions for anything anymore. I mean, I was arrested for speeding. The government has completely abandoned the ticket system and has built more jails, stealing more and more people from their loved ones, stripping away all of their hopes and dreams as a human being. They are basically doing what they have been thought to prevent, and claim it is for the goodness and safety of the people. Ha, that's probably the biggest lie I've heard in my life. I see it now. Everybody lives in fear as they all know that within a matter of 5 minutes, everything they've ever known and loved could be taken away from them. One mistake and there goes their life. 

But why?

I sit up and lean my head against the wall. I ponder what made the world change. I examine the tiny little cracks in the walls. I stand up, slowly walking towards them. I slowly narrow my eyes at one particular crack, yet I see nothing.

Nothing but pitch black. 

I see it now. The Shadows. I look down at my shadow. The black reflection of me. My dark side. No matter how good they may seem, everybody's got a shadow. You can even see it. Some may be bigger and darker than others, but everyone has a dark side. 

The shadows are what cause the world to fall. They're always lurking, sometimes in front of you, sometimes right behind you, sometimes underneath you. They are the storage of sadness, rage, greed, revenge, and insanity. And no matter how much you want it to go away, they are always by your side. You always carry a little bit of it. 

And these shadows cause corruption. Driving people to insanity, the incredible human brain has evolved beyond our imagining, but it is used to gain power, to keep power, to take power. The government, is now in constant fear of being hijacked, having their power taken away, yet claims for everything they've done to be "for the people." 

But what good is anything if those who enforce the rules have fallen to the shadows? 

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08/05/2015 1:10 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Blockhead
Mine Maus Craft
Mine Maus Craft avatar
Great idea :-)
08/04/2015 11:08 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Miner
yoseph avatar
yes my writing report
jk XD
08/04/2015 3:52 pm
Level 28 : Expert Taco
SniZ avatar
My god this is amazyng :O dia sub fav
08/04/2015 3:54 pm
Level 48 : Master Spider Rider
Mayanaisee avatar
ahh thanks :)
08/04/2015 3:17 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
+Theives+ avatar
Uh mah gah, this story is so  cool and well written! Love the skin too :D

08/04/2015 3:46 pm
Level 48 : Master Spider Rider
Mayanaisee avatar
ahh thankss ;u;
08/04/2015 3:01 pm
Level 47 : Master Cowboy
Chron avatar
atta way to get political. you go girl
08/04/2015 3:03 pm
Level 48 : Master Spider Rider
Mayanaisee avatar
08/04/2015 2:56 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Artist
KitKat avatar
I like the skin and nice story, well er its creepy you know but its good. x3
08/04/2015 3:01 pm
Level 48 : Master Spider Rider
Mayanaisee avatar
haha, thanks
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