Farron's Undead Legion: The Abyss Watchers... (Updated) Minecraft Skin
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Farron's Undead Legion: The Abyss Watchers... (Updated)

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Madmacattack avatar Madmacattack
Level 34 : Artisan Scribe
The Abyss Watchers:

"The Abyss Watchers are the heads of the Undead Legion. They are enemies of the Abyss, and will destroy kingdoms if they even show the slightest sign of exposure. They look up to the Wolf Blood Master, and they all shared the blood. However, it seems as if this binded their souls into one, and left it constantly going between bodies of the Watchers, hence why they are fighting." -Dark souls 3 Wiki Lore

My Favorite boss (So far) of Dark Souls 3, unique, different, and cool. The armor of the Abyss watchers is what really got me to make this skin. Because, to be honest, ITS REALLY AWESOME!
I uploaded this yesterday, but wasn't happy with the outcome... So I decided to update the skin to be more like the In-game model. Enjoy!

Old "Lighter" Version: Abyss Watcher 1.0

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05/01/2017 12:33 am
Level 1 : New Network
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Finally Decent Abyss Watcher Skin
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