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[ `` Feesh `` ] Dark Depths contest entry

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Iron-Spiider avatar Iron-Spiider
Level 39 : Artisan Mage
yes hi hello I'm back with a skin woo
I saw the contest theme and just ran wild with it tbh, might make an alternate version after the contest is done because this just does not do the creatures I imagined justice (yes I imagined what this thing was beforehand)
anyway this thing is.. a fish person I guess idk
think mermaid but instead of a tail you got claw-like legs, the hands are actually somewhat inspired by Marina's from Splatoon 2 because I thought "hey, that's a cool thing I could incorporate into this thing"
and yes those are shorts, I have no way to justify them because I'm not sure what they could be made out of but the top is made out of kelp
yeah I dunno I mostly just ran wild with the design without thinking too far into it but hey freaky fish people are neat (also those little bits of blue on the net/webbing/whatever I might decide it is around one arm and one leg is meant to be bio-luminescent.. stuff idk)
yeah idk that's all I got

please refrain from reposting my things, if you do edit any of my skins I'd prefer you don't post it, thank you! ^^

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