Female Torso by Kazimir Malevich Minecraft Skin
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Female Torso by Kazimir Malevich

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Skin based upon the painting "Female Torso" by ukrainian avant-guarde artist Kazimir Malevich.
for the Artist Gallery Skin Contest.

Around the 1910s, with the arrival of photography and developpement of avant-garde art, artist and Bauhaus teacher Kazimir Malevich judged that the time of figuration in art should go to an end, being tired of always seening the same figures hundred of times in exhibitions, decided to paint paintings thatwould only refer to themselves by containing no possibility of likeness with any real figure.That way, Malevich founded his own movement "Suprematism" which he would be the only member of.The paintings would be for most white canvas with simple geometric shapes painted on it with extreme accuracy in flat colors like black, blue, red, green or yellow sometimes even orange. the result would often end up in a very electrical-looking compostion.
In some way, as Malevich performed his art during the very beginings of communism, the later sovietism, built it in a way that there was nothing to understand on the painting so even proletarians who didn't benefit from artistic education could understand it. Too bad it didn't work well as the Soviet government wanted artists to paint eulogy of proletarian figures like the workers and peasants, and as the Suprematist movement aimed to represent nothing it failed to be the official art which Kazimir Malevich thought it would. In addition to that during the first exhibition which featured Suprematism the artist placed his famous "Black Square on White Background" in the top corner usually reserved to relgious icons, a quite daring move. The Black Square would later on push Malevich to paint a White Square on White Background.
Though Malevich's art was considered by the soviet govt as elitist as the proletarians required artistic education in order to understand that it wasn't actually needed.
As the Suprematist exhibitions followed and students joined Malevich 's cause, the govt ordered him to stop it all, which he refused. His refusal led him to be tortured, but that wasn't enough to make him stop as he agreed to paint peasants, but still in a very abstract way and to avoid troubles again he would antidate his paintings so the govt wouldn't know he kept painting what he was forbidden to.

As the painting only depicts a bust, I based the rest of the skin on malevich's other paintings that depict female figures.
Malevitch remains even today a great source of inspirations for many artists, he has been tributed by artists such as swiss artist Jean Tinguely in an animated painting.
So next time you or your relatives say that modern art is lazy and too easy, think to Kazimir Malevich's tragic story.
Female Torso

Female Torso by Kazimir Malevich Minecraft Skin
(Example of full female figure)

Amazon.com: Kazimir Malevich – Mujer con rastrillo, tamaño 12.0 x 16.0 in,  lienzo de impresión de pared : Hogar y Cocina
Suprematist exhibition "0.10"
Exposition 0,10


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ooo, i love the colors + design ! tysm for entering ! ♥
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