Freddy Fazbear // JaxSkins // Series 8 // R6 Minecraft Skin
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Freddy Fazbear // JaxSkins // Series 8 // R6

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NEW! JaxSkins Series 8:

With JaxSkins Series 8 this new shading style is an overhaul on my previous shading and templates as far as skin tones go. All templates have been completely remade from the ground up in a cleaner feeling way to express skin tones.

JaxSkins Series 7 (128x128):
This style accounts for the new 128X128 Bedrock Edition format. These skins are still in testing and may be discontinued at any point.

JaxSkins Series 6 Revamps:
Lately I have been updating older skins that had far more potential to a better style. I have been revisiting stuff I made over 5 years ago and converting them to my current style. Rather than create a new upload I have just updated the existing skin page. Expect more revamps of some of my most popular skins!

JaxSkins Series 6 (64X64):
This style accounts for a newer shading type and advanced texturing of skins and objects.

Freddy Fazbear (JaxSkins FNAF) {1} [​Revision 6]

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Update #5 // Revision 6 : by Jaxiom Creations 12/05/2023 12:41:38 amDec 5th, 2023

Updated to JaxSkins Series 8 Style

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