Frozen Grey wolf [Frozen Fossils Skin Contest] Minecraft Skin

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Frozen Grey wolf [Frozen Fossils Skin Contest]

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Wolf_with_Scarf avatar Wolf_with_Scarf
Level 48 : Master Wolf

OH~ MY GOD!! Finally! they can get that thing out of the thick layer of ice. Now I can finally get back to my comfortable research lab. and I can finally rest! YAY!!


Today at the research lab they bring that thing to the lab and then ask me to research that thing. I am confused and excited at the same time. So I take a look at that thing. And... OH MY GOD! It's is an ancient frozen grey wolf! (Wolf is my favorite animal) (Yes, I'm furry) But, I think something is wrong. That wolf has 5 total wounds on its body. its ear gets cut off "unnaturally", its front-right leg gets bitten by something, at its front-left leg, one of its claw is missing, at its back-right leg a large chunk of its skin is missing, And the last one is horrifying... At its chest, there is a LARGE scratch mark (I have compared the scratch mack with other tigers scratch mark, And there is no other scratch mark matching this one) This poor boi must have been thru a rough time...


Today the night guard at the lab told me about something strange happen in my research office. He told me that He hears howling and barking sound from my research office. It's strange because no one is allowed to bringing their pet to work... And I don't even have a pet!!?


The same night guard approaches me again but, his face looked horrified. So I asked him what wrong. He's not talking to me. He only hands me the picture of "The frozen wolf in my research office howling" ?? Then I start laughing at him. "You think that is enough to scare me?? Try harder" I said.

Here's the picture that the night guard gives me.

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CreditCreated by Wolf_with_Scarf

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Update #2 : by Wolf_with_Scarf 12/10/2019 8:23:57 amDec 10th, 2019

-Change date format to American's date format (MM/DD/YY) and date in the description to match the reference image.

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12/08/2019 8:59 am
Level 48 : Master Wolf
Wolf_with_Scarf avatar
This is my first time doing skin and writes a short story like this hope you all enjoy my work. Diamonds are always appreciated. Thank you!!
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