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futakuchi - onna // contest entry

futakuchi - onna // contest entry Minecraft Skin
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avatar Arie_
Level 46 : Master Cowboy
[size=85%]the futakuchi-onna, or 'two-mouthed woman', is a yokai in japanese folklore that is used as a punishment towards wicked men or woman. these yokai are most commonly thought to be yamauba (a mountain witch in japanese folklore that will usually cook and eat anything) disguised as a young - usually pretty - woman.

futakuchi-onna aren't innately evil yokai in observed nature, however, since they are deemed a punishement woman who do wicked deeds may become one; for example, there was a story of a woman who starved her stepdaughter, the stepdaughter died due to malnurishment and as a punishment the stepmother became a futakutchi-onna, and the voice of the mouth that formed on the back of her head screamed in the voice of her stepdaughter, being a constant reminder of the girl she murdered.


I chose the futakuchi-onna for the around the world contest as japanese folklore has some of the most terrifying and gruesome stories that can be found. many of these stories tell of those who do ill deeds getting punished severely, or how restless spirits become vengeful in the afterlife and seek to kill in cold blood. japan's folklore and spirits have created many famous urban legends, two of the most iconic being the aka manto, 'red cloak', the spirit that kills you in school bathrooms dependent on what colour toilet paper you choose, or the kuchisake-onna, 'slit-mouthed woman', who'll ask you if she's pretty, uncover her mutilated mouth, and proceed to make you 'pretty' like her.

[size=85%]long story short? don't go to japan, it's full of demons that do terrifying things and have a chance of killing you or worse, eating all of your food.

credit(s) ;

Format1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
ModelAlex (3 pixel arms)

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Congrats on Around the World Contest. *first place confetti*
This is a very pretty skin with solid backstory behind it, and I especially like your mouth design!
Also don’t go to Japan they have weird things over there like squat toilets and no toilet paper in the bathrooms

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